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QubitLife. My investment in the products of the QubitTech platform (Qubitlife).

In June 2020, I replenished my investment portfolio with a high-risk QubitTech project with a declared profitability of 25% per month. Or:

25% income - 2.5% commission for withdrawal - 10% deposit body = 12.5% net profit per month.

Realizing that such projects live on average 1-1.5 years, my goal was to return my investments as quickly as possible and then make a profit while the project exists.

In February 2021, the project changed its name from Qubittech to Qubitlife and reduced its profitability to 21%. As a result, it became:

21% income - 2.5% commission for withdrawal - 8.4% deposit body = 10.1% net profit per month.

In March, April and May, the requirements for receiving bonuses under the affiliate program were tightened. The profitability was decreasing. And on May 25, 2021, Qubitlife announced a change in the company's priorities from an investment to a network marketing company (MLM). At the same time, daily accruals stopped, the withdrawal of accrued income was closed. From 06/01/2021, all partners of the company who did not break even received indices for the company's educational products, startups and their own cryptocurrency QDT.

For me personally, as an investor, after numerous changes to the initial conditions and a strict suspension of accruals and withdrawals of income, it ceased to be of interest, so I fixed the profit made and suspended my activity in the company.
Any investment involves risk. Assess your risks, prospects and opportunities correctly.
And only when they are in harmony with each other, invest money and time.
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Qubitlife platform presentation
Webinar on problems and platform restructuring
I am one of those people who made a profit at Qubitlife, so my review cannot be negative. But I will try to give an adequate assessment of the project as a whole based on my experience of participating in it and observing such high-risk projects. Please note that this review was written on 05/27/2021 and may not correspond to the current state of the Qubitlife company due to the improvement or deterioration of the project.

Positive sides:

1. Public and open Qubitlife guide (formerly Qubittech).
2. Well-developed business model from the very start of the project.
3. An excellent project legend with confirmed people in the leadership.
4. At the very beginning, one of the accounts on Binance was demonstrated with the amount of 1117 BTC, which at that time was more than $ 10 million. In other words, the project originally had money. This means that the Qubitlife management had great ambitions.
5. At the time of the start, large leaders were involved, followed by the construction of a structure of several tens of thousands of people.
6. There was no identity verification in the project. On the one hand, this greatly facilitated the work, but on the other hand, it increased the burden on the finance department due to the creation of multi-accounts, and this is already a minus.
7. A very powerful affiliate program at the start (five types of bonuses).
8. High interest on passive accruals.
9. Great website design, presentations, etc.
10. Constant webinars with the leadership of Qubitlife.
11. Holding large open events in different parts of the world despite the closed borders due to the pandemic.
12. From the start, aggressive market capture in all regions of the planet. International development of Qubittech. Support for almost all major languages.
13. Attracting international speakers to promote the company.
14. Conducting Base Camps - training and educational, live events for pumping self-confidence and various skills in business.
15. The real product of the company in the form of trading robots for Binance and Bitfinex.
16. Creation of your own blockchain and cryptocurrency QDT.
17. Creation of a p2p exchange service, a virtual casino, an exclusive travel service. Not everything is working fine at the time of writing this review, but the very fact of focusing on creating a real product is very commendable.
18. Daily withdrawal of funds received income.
19. There is no commission on deposits or purchases of Qubittech educational and volume licenses.
20. And a number of other positive aspects including charity.

Negative sides:

1. There is no KYC verification (from the English Know Your Customer) - a mandatory requirement for legal work in many jurisdictions. This led to a large number of multi-account creation, which put a heavy burden on Qubittech's finance department.
2. After six months of flawless work, the appearance of long-term failures of access to the company's website in many countries. The explanation of the manual was constant DOSS attacks. Because of this, the official website address was changed and the name of Qubittech was changed to Qubitlife.
3. Six months later, the interest on payments decreased.
4. Began to constantly complicate the receipt of income through the affiliate program by introducing new rules.
5. Changed the conditions for receiving passive income.
6. And on 05/25/2021, they completely stopped the withdrawal, the accrual of passive income and returned the money to the personal account of those who had the withdrawal. They explained this by problems in the company and a change in focus from an investment direction to a company operating on the MLM system with products and services. All people who did not return their money to Qubittech and the rest who had not withdrawn funds on their balances were promised from 06/01/2021 to recalculate into new indices for the company's educational products, the direction of startups and in the future QDT cryptocurrencies. In any case, this is a direct violation of her previously declared obligations, although she legally disclaimed responsibility even at the time of registration of partners in the company, through the consent of the person to take on all possible risks of losing her funds. This is a common practice for such projects and is done by ticking the box at the time of registration of a new partner.


«ased on the foregoing, I do not recommend investing money in the Qubitlife company if your intentions are to preserve or increase it. But if you are interested in any educational products or services of the company, then in this case you have the opportunity to purchase them at a significant discount.
If you are looking for ways to increase your capital, but you can look at current financial projects on my website and choose what is acceptable for you in terms of risks and potential opportunities. To do this, you need to go to the section "You want money $"

My feedback on the Qubitlife project

Qubitlife project team

The full composition of the project team can be seen in the «TEAM» section on the official Qubittech website.
Iakov Ashurov
Master Distributor (CIS)

Iakov is a world-class professional with experience in building an active partner network of $ 58 million, and also has excellent skills and tools for recruiting new partners for any company with a business development model through partner networks.
Geoffrey Nwokolo
Master Distributor (West Africa)

He is an excellent speaker with numerous awards in Africa. Founder of several regional startups. His career interests lie at the intersection of law, leadership and business. He calls himself a legalpreneur
Graham Leach
Senior Innovation Advisor

Professor Graham Leach has held numerous senior-level positions in both industry and academia. Proficient at leading projects and teams, he is an expert at designing and deploying strategies intended to create or expand opportunities. Graham's research interest is the commercialization of Innovation, particularly in the Blockchain space. He has been tracking the progress of Quantum Computing since the 1990's.
Eddie Kotler
Company's Partner

Co-founder and President of EZ365. EZ365 has a unique background and its own development of the implementation of blockchain technology in online gaming. At the core of EZ365 is its own ecosystem with three elements: a blockchain platform for online gaming, a educational platform and a digital asset exchange structure.
Jorge Sebastião
CTO Advisor

A seasoned CTO, Advisor and International speaker, with experience in Blockchain, Cyber Security, AI, IoT, 5G, Cloud Computing, Disaster Recovery, Bigdata, & Managed Services. Jorge is professional advisor in several innovative startups using disruptive technologies with focus on generating business value. He created the powerful framework A6 of security: Assess, Architect, Apply, Administer, Awareness & Agility.
Arijit Bhattacharyya
Director of Business Development

Serial entrepreneur, business angel, business networking expert, government advisor, community builder (since 2010), programmer (since 1998), virtual reality specialist (since 2006), AI evangelist (since 2002) .), blockchain specialist and startup mentor. Founder and CEO of Virtualinfo.com, one of the first Indian VR game and application development companies since 1998. Senator (India) of the World Business Angels Forum (WBAF).
Click on the photo to see a description of each person from the company management
Greg Limon
Chief Executive

Officer Co-founder and shareholder of the Toronto-based DigiMax Global, which helps companies from all over the world to effectively conduct STOs. Greg conducted two successful IPOs and participated in numerous venture projects. Greg's outstanding sense for the market's needs, creative and fluid strategic planning helped to successfully kick-off numerous startups that now thrive in the global businesses arena.
Marc Swickle
Chief Marketing

Officer Over 25 years experience in international investment banking. Marc attracted more than € 50 million to Asian startups focusing AI Robotic Trading. Since 2014, engaged in business development at JKD. Since 2009, owns a company that advises hedge funds and family offices that have over $ 500 million under their management. Since 2015, Marc is acting as an adviser to the Ministry of Energy of Thailand

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Risk notice
The purpose of this notice is to warn about possible losses associated with the conclusion of various types of transactions related to investment.

By investing money or time in various investment instruments, as well as participating in the work of companies with multilevel network marketing (MLM) as a distributor, promoter or client, a person is exposed to various risks. You can read some of them below, a description of the rest can be found on the Internet. In addition, there are always risks associated with force majeure, which are usually not possible to predict in advance.

  1. Foreign exchange risk. If the currency in which the main expenses are made and the currency of the investment do not match, the purchasing power may change depending on changes in exchange rates.
  2. Interest rate risk. A change in the refinancing rate could have an adverse effect on the market value of fixed income bonds and, indirectly, on stock prices.
  3. Liquidity risk - the risk of financial losses in the sale of securities associated with the difficulty of selling them at an acceptable price, for example, with a quick withdrawal of funds from the stock market (liquidation of a portfolio of securities).
  4. Price risk is the risk of an unexpected change in the prices of securities, which may lead to a fall in the value of the portfolio and, as a result, a decrease in profitability or even direct losses. The execution of an order for a transaction on the securities market is not always possible on the conditions specified therein due to the dynamic change in the parameters of such transactions in trading systems, primarily due to price volatility.
  5. The risk of bankruptcy of the issuer is the risk associated with the possibility of insolvency of the issuer of a security, which will lead to a sharp drop in the price (up to a complete loss of liquidity) for such a security (in the case of shares) or the inability to repay it (in the case of debt securities) ...
  6. The risk of illegal actions in relation to the investor's property and the legally protected rights of the investor by third parties, including the issuer, the registrar, other persons that make up the infrastructure of the securities market, as well as companies operating in the multilevel marketing system (MLM)
  7. Technical risk - the risk associated with the possibility of losses due to poor-quality or unfair performance of obligations by stock market participants, banks and trading platforms performing settlements.
  8. In trust management, when dealing with securities, it may be necessary to change the structure of the securities portfolio by selling some assets and acquiring others, which requires the sale of existing assets and freeing up funds. In the interval from the moment the funds are released until the moment of acquiring new assets, the Client may incur certain losses of profit or even direct losses due to unfavorable changes in the price of the security, the refinancing rate, the exchange rate, etc.
  9. Transactions with securities are classified as limited liability transactions, that is, the extent of the Client's liability for losses is limited to the amount allocated by the Client for transactions with securities. However, under certain circumstances, such a loss may occur after a relatively short time.
  10. Political risk - changes in the political climate can create unfavorable investment or trading conditions for a number of companies and investors, which can lead to a decrease in profitability or loss of invested capital.

In view of the foregoing, a person who plans to engage in investment should carefully consider whether transactions with investment instruments and possible losses associated with the risks from these transactions are acceptable for a person in the light of his financial capabilities.

All of the above is not intended to force a person to refuse to invest, but is only intended to help him understand the risks associated with the implementation of these operations, to determine their acceptability, to assess their financial goals and capabilities and to responsibly approach the issue of choosing an appropriate investment strategy, software for carrying out operations in the securities market, choosing a company operating on the principle of multilevel network marketing (MLM) and investing their funds in other tools for making a profit, for example, those related to the gambling business.